A day in the life of a Mom Boss

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

I am sitting at my computer, its almost 11pm. I literally don't feel like I can turn my brain down at all, even the slightest bit till my kids are in bed. Than all of a sudden I feel like...

'OK, now I can breathe!"

Morning goes something like this.

My son has one of those GROW clocks, which is super cool! Before he goes to sleep his clock turns into a star and then the stars countdown till the sun comes out, at whatever time I set it. His internal clock is like 7 am on the dot, his clock is set for 7;30, he always takes his 15 minute long poop when he wakes up and than comes into my room and tries to tell me his sun is out...but its not. lol. So he goes back to his room, lays down, and then wakes me up 15 minutes later. My daughter wakes up as soon as my son start talking. So my day begins around 7:40 by the time were all out of bed.

Breakfast time last till like lunchtime and lunchtime till dinner time. My kids are constantly eating! Drinks yogurts are my saving grace, they time him over till I can at least get my coffee made.

I don't usually do any work on my pieces until nap time so usually we watch Paw Patrol, or Little Baby Bums for a bit till we all wake up enough to function. Play some toys, colour, the usual. Check social media, pin and few pins, all that morning stuff, if its a nice day we will go outside but its been SO COLD lately.

Nap time is normally around 11am/12pm depending. They are always speratic for time too so I will try to squeeze in a much as possible.

With the weather being cold, I haven't been able to do any work outside, so I'm so grateful for COUNTRY CHIC PAINT, with it being VOC free, I am able to use it in the house and not feel like I'm poisoning my family by the smell or chemicals. If the weather was permitting and warm, We would usually head outside to the back yard/shop area (small shop) and the kids would play outside and I might be able to get some things set up outside before their naps.

Another great thing about country chic paint is how easy it is to use, so doing one or two coats for me actually doesn't take too long. So IF I'm fortunate enough to have a few days of solid naps I can get a lot done.

When nap time is over, we usually eat some Lunch, (never around 12, cause they have been eating all morning, we usually eat lunch around 2 ish.) We'll basically repeat the morning routine, toys, paw patrol, outside time, COFFEE, accept throw in some meal prep for dinner, some cleaning, organization. On the cleaning note, I have been so grateful for my good friend Taylor, from Tidy Taylor Cleaning Services, shes been cleaning for me since my accident in late July! Shes seriously been a lifesaver, so no shame for those moms who feel guilty getting help in the cleaning department, there's no way I would be able to do it without her right now, and my house smells like amazingness for dayyyysss.

My husband usually gets home from work around 4 ish, which I'm so grateful for that he is home so early. Lately after hes home I have been running to phsyio or ciro. When that's done Its about dinner time, and I'm so thankful that my husband can also cook and fend for himself really well cause a lot of times he will get things going if I am out, or we will do it together if I haven't had the mental capacity to even think about it.

After dinner is bath time! which is a relaxing time for all people in our family, the kids LOVE bath time. Which means mommy and daddy LOVE bath time cause there is no crying or screaming or fighting lol. After bath its into PJs!

Its about 6:45 at this point, bedtime routine takes a bit of time with the whole, "I'm thirsty, I'm hungry, I need to give haven another kiss, I need to poop, I need to pee" And I'm seriously laughing to myself that my son tries EVERY single one EVERY night. Hes so adorable.

After my sons in bed, I put my daughter down. And shes pretty easy to go to sleep.

The calm after the storm

haha a bit dramatic, but its how my brain feels. In the evenings my husband and I spend some quality time together watching our favorite TV shows, and talking about them as if its real life. lol. If I have a project on the go, than I will paint and watch TV with him, its a win win!

I never used to be a night owl, but after having kids I really appreciate the downtime, even if I am exhausted.

So this brings us to the beginning of this post, 11pm. Almost bedtime for the parents! My husband was not happy I decided to tap on my keyboard when he wanted to go to bed, so I am actually finishing this article at 8:30am lol. Its BLACK FRIDAY today so I am off now to buy a new blender while my son makes muffins at grammas house!


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