TOP 10 TIPS for staying in an all inclusive with kids

Do you need a vacation?

Do you need to relax?

Mama, I hear you!

The mental preparations begin, you now have to think about what will my family need while we stay at an all inclusive!

An all inclusive means, your stay, food, and drinks are included in the price you pay for the resort. You may think, 'perfect!' everything will be taken care of, well for the most part yes, there are a few things to remember tho that are overlooked! Read these 10 tips, for families while staying in an all inclusive resort!

#1 Strollers and Carriers

Resorts are HUGE, and so are airports, I have traveled with our city select double stroller, as well as our Summer infant 3D stroller, if you have one child, than the summer infant is perfect, if you have two children I would suggest, 1) the City Select double, or the Uppa Vista double stroller. 2) Summer infant and a baby carrier if your youngest is 6 months and under. You will be on the go alot, and if needed you littles can sleep in the stroller, and you won't be confined to you room for early bedtimes and or naps.

When doing anything with children, you have a TON of stuff, I don't think I need to remind you of that. You do not want to be lugging around, an baby, a toddler (or both), diaper bag, waterbottles, sand toys, towels, ect. Strollers are one of the most, if not the most important thing to consider while traveling.

#2 Snacks & Baggies

If you'r kids are anything like mine, they eat ALL DAY LONG. Buffets in resorts tend to open earlier, around 7:00 am, but it takes time to get kids up and ready to get out the door! So when you are at breakfest, lunch, or a buffet, grab extra: apples, bananas, muffins, pastries, ect. Which leads me to part two of this tip, BRING SNACK BAGS! the kind you can reuse. When you eat at the outside bars, and snack buffets, they tend to not let you walk around with their plates of food, so grab what you need and dump it into a food saver! also, bring along some kids bowls with lids! perfect for on the go and tossing into you bag.

#3 Life Jackets & Floaties

Something that seems obvious, but could be easily forgotten. Most resorts will not have life jackets to provide to families, most do tho have the option to purchase floaties or some sort of water wing, but at a pretty penny! So try to have enough space to pack your own!

#4 Swim diapers, Underwear, and Bathing suits

These are items you can never have enough of with kids while on vacation. Laundry services can cost quite a bit! so pack extra of these even if it seems like you packed too many, you probably haven't. The next tip is a laundry hack I do myself when we travel.

#5 Antibacterial Soap

Soap for two reasons:

1) rinsing and washing dirty clothes in a bathtub! let soak for a few hours come back to it scrub what you need to and then rinse and let dry outside! better than spending a fortune on laundry services.

2) You can use the same soap to wash out baby bottles, baby dishes,plates, sippy cups, water cups ect.

#6 Playpen or Crib

Call your resort ahead of time and ask if they provide a playpen or crib for babies, some restorts require you pay per day, but if so its not much, and most will be free - especially if the resort is tailored to families. I bring a crib sheet from my house in my suitcase for these types of things, just because im weird about things like that lol.


Most all inclusive provide a stocked mini-fridge in each bedroom, filled with pops, soda, juice, water, bottles and beer. All included in the price you already have paid. Every time you leave for the day to go to the beach or pool, bring ALL the waters and beer, put them in your bag, before your room gets maid up, when housekeeping sees their empty they will restock it for you! You can never have too much water... or beer!

#8 Back Packs

If you do not have a diaper bag backpack, now is the time to switch over to one! I'll link a couple of my favs. Also get your husband a backpack for the trip, having each of you a backpack is good if you end up parting ways at some point during the trip, this way you still have hands free for the littles.

#9 Ipad or Tablet

Have your Ipad or tablet downloaded with kids shows from Disney plus or Netflix for your littles, download before you leave for your trip because if you are going to a different country when you try to download them they might be in a different language. This will also be super helpful for the airplane and transport.

#10 Travel Thermos

This tip is for the mama's and dad's for your beverages! Keeps them cold and they dont spill while dealing with your kids! easy to just toss into your bag.

I hope these tips will help your family enjoy your vacation, and take away a bit of that pre stress! Let me know if you have any other tips!

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