‘Beauty can be found,

Beauty in old

Beauty in new

Beauty can be found if your looking for it

Don’t disregard what the eye naturally perceives as worthless 🖤

This dresser, as soon as I saw it, I knew that it had to be black! A dark beauty! I’m not naturally drawn to dark pieces, but I couldn’t help my need to have this one dark.

It wasn’t awful to begin with. But sometimes the beauty is overlooked, when your not looking! I watched this piece of Facebook go from being listed at 100$ for weeks and I got it for 35$, people had no interest in this at this point.


It’s amazing what’s underneath.

This took 60 grit scuffing with my orbital sander. he places where I wasn’t going to stain, didn’t need to be taken down to bare wood, it would just be more work that wasn’t needed. That is why its good to know what direction you want to take.

I wanted the illusion that this piece had A separate Base. So I taped of where I wanted it to begin.

I primed 3 coats because the cherry looking stain is always bad for bleeding.

I did three coats in Rocky Mountain by Country Chic paint. After i applied antique furniture wax than sanded again with 220 grit to remove excess. Than I applied Varathane's waterbased top coat for protection.

There you have it! Beauty found it what most would consider worthless! - Furniture Flipping is an art, and I am so fortunate to be able to say I am a furniture artist.

This dresser was a steal! I love the beauty of this vintage dresser with all its moldings! Although when I got it, it was far from its prime. But nothing a little sanding and tsp and paint can’t fix!

I knew the top piece needed to go, I think originally it was used for jewelry.

I had a friend sand this for me, and he did an amazing job! A lot of hand sanding but it made my job a lot easier.

Primed this beauty with Zinsser shellac based primer which, if you have been following be for a while you know this is my go to! I knew this one would be a bleeder.

I use country chic paint ALOT. I love the coverage and durability! This color is wanderess by country chic paint. Use my code: flopornot for 10% off your first order! This upcycled dresser took three coats of this paint.

I loved these original hardware, so I used varathanes antique bronze spray paint in a can and updated these handles.

Ill say this time and time again. Any Dresser can be upcycled and given a makeover! don't waste what you have, try to find its true potential and beuaty!

I had a client reach out to me to repurpose her antique baker's table! It was being used for an entryway table. Being something that's the first thing you see when you walk into a house, it needed some updating, while maintaining its original beauty.

Don't let the landfills win! This antique piece just needed someone to find the love and beauty.

Sanding antique furniture you need to be careful, with a piece as old as this one the wood they use is already a soft wood, after years and years of aging its even softer!

I sprayed this piece even though i prefer to hand paint because of the detail and the spindle legs. its VERY difficult to get a good finish by hand painting spindles.

Looking back on this piece I would recommend to anyone to try to reuse what furniture they have and repurpose it something new! They don't make furniture like they used to! Antiques are one of a kind no a days.

I would love to answer any questions you have on how to help you repurpose your antique furniture!



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